Carlyle Splash Park, SK


PROJECT: Carlyle Splash Park

SPACE: Community Park


With tall flowers raining water, playful Cattails, a large Water Tower with showering water fun sprays, and pint-sized elements designed to spin and spray when excited waterplayers grab hold get splashy, the Carlyle Splash Park is a summer hot spot.

Some splash pads design just get it right and Carlyle is one of them. The inclusive, wheelchair accessible design features play elements for parkgoers of all ages and abilities. Lower to the ground features attract smaller waterplayers and are placed near the perimeter of the splash pad for easy access for tots and those wanting to stay a bit out of the action and closer to their guardian. Mid-sized water elements with interactivity and the ability to hide under the spray attract kids who are curious, investigative and looking for a bit of creativity and discovery in their play. The big water features act as the main attraction and invite the adventurous to get in on the action.

This small splash park packs a lot in for a whopping good fun, nature-inspired day in the summer sun. If you’re looking for ideas for a smaller splash pad design, Carlyle is a winner!

Product Line: Splash Pads


  • Nature theme
  • Inclusive layout and design
  • Draw card feature: Water Tower