The right surfacing in play spaces enhances the usability of the space

In playgrounds it’s essential, it creates a safe environment for kids to play freely as they push themselves to new heights. For splash pads, surfacing adds visual excitement, creates a unique opportunity for kids to crawl and roll on a softer surface, and easily supports refurbishments.

Playground Surfacing

Playground surfaces have a serious job, to protect kids and park goers from injury from falls at height. Playgrounds are full of dynamic play elements–swings, full-body spinners, and climbers–the right playground surfacing let’s them challenge their abilities safely.

Engineered Wood Fibar 

Poured-in-place EPDM

Aquatic Surfacing

With flat surfaces, ground-level play equipment and the use of guardrails, aquatic play environments are inclusive and safe by design. Aquatic surfaces can enhance creative play, add another tactile element to the aquatic space and facilitate on-the-ground play.

• Enhances theming and aesthetic
• Facilitates full body play
Supports refurbishments

Foam Rubber Tiles

Landing Pad