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Over 30 years of experience, 1000s of installations, and 115+ experts strategically positioned to support your public space project at every stage.

From concept to site analysis, budgeting, visualization and drawings, installation, ongoing maintenance, and future expansions and refurbishments (phew–that’s a mouthful), we’re on your side.

Fun Builds Amazing “Park-nerships”

When you work with Parkworks you become part of the MAKR Team and tap into our organization of experts that span throughout North America and the globe.

maintain & support 7 Shipping & Installation 6 Proposals, Grants & FundraIsing 5 Visualization & Drawings 4 Lifecycle Roadmapping 3 Concepting & Inspiration 2 Discovery 1
  • Schools & Early Learning Centres
  • Urban Spaces
  • Active Aging
  • Campgrounds
  • Family Entertainment Centres
  • Commercial Centres & Markets
  • Recreation Facilities
  • Hotels & Holiday Resorts
  • Community Parks
  • Housing Developments

Grants and Fundraising

Today, more than ever, governments and decision makers are stepping up and supporting new park developments and community recreation expansions with grants. Now, that’s something to get excited about!


For planning guides, maintenance checklists, design inspiration, and more.

Check out these CEU sessions on public space planning


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