Public toilets & Changerooms

Whether it’s traditional concrete construction or modern, pre-fabricated buildings featuring smart technology–the end result is that you have a place to go, when you need to go. We’ve got the solution!

  • Integrated Smart Technology Toilet Buildings

    Single toilets, multiple facility units, traditional concrete construction or advanced manufacturing methods using smart technology and automation.

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  • Traditional Concrete Toilet Buildings

    A perfect solution for outdoor facilities and splash pads. Integrated toilets, shower, and changerooms provide that much-needed private space for active individuals and families when spending time outdoors in recreation spaces.

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Five Quick Benefits of advanced smart

technology toilets:

  • Programmable maintenance
  • Disinfection after each use
  • Enhanced antimicrobial and antiviral properties
  • Vandal-resistant materials and design
  • Wifi capable
  • Universal access > ADA Accessible

Let this smart toilet do the work for you.

Well, most of it... it will do the maintenance.

A great solution for:

  • Community Parks
  • Urban Spaces
  • Recreation Facilities
  • Provincial Parks & Campgrounds
  • Commercial Centres & Markets
  • Highway Rest Stops