Site Furnishings

What makes an outdoor space truly outstanding is how functional it is–cue site furnishings.

Site furnishings are always looking out for you. They give you a place to sit and a spot to safely store your bike. They give you water and somewhere to recycle your lunchtime snack. They direct you to the locations you want to go and provide beauty and tranquility in the surrounding landscape.

Site furnishings are the best friends you never knew you had. Makes you a bit misty-eyed, doesn’t it? Like you want to say thank you but you don’t quite know who or what to say thank you to.


  • Benches & Tables

    Modern, traditional, rounded or “blocky”, integrated with charging stations and solar energy, outdoor benches and tables are essential to your public space design. It’s easy to choose the right solution for your space.

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  • Bicycle Racks

    It’s not just Freddie Mercury who wanted to ride his bicycle–the best, most livable communities encourage biking as a leading form of transportation. Plus, modern bike stands just look awesome

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  • Litter & Recycling Bins

    Every size. Every aesthetic. Every budget.

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  • Drinking Fountains

    I dare you to walk by a drinking fountain in a park without taking a sip. I double dog you. Drinking fountains and public spaces are like peas and carrots… if peas were water and carrots were people.

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  • Grills

    Picnic anyone? Parks with grills encourage families to get outdoors and into park spaces for evening weekday picnics and long, relaxing weekend afternoons.

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  • Signage

    A tool for important communication about your park space. Control traffic flow with directions, relate important historic or environmental information–signage is the original smart phone.

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