Sports & Fitness

Outdoor fitness is changing

And we're here for it! 

KOMPAN is leading the charge in outdoor fitness innovations. Not your typical, hokey outdoor fitness equipment, the KOMPAN design team has been busy creating top-notch fitness solutions that rival the best indoor gym equipment. Check it out!

  • Outdoor Gym Equipment

    Outdoor fitness equipment is the future. Cardio, strength, cross training, obstacle courses–we’ve got something for everyone.

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  • Active Aging

    Seniors take note, no gym membership is needed to stay fit and healthy. You deserve to spend your time in the great outdoors. Let’s do this!

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  • Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA)

    Multi-use Games Area–that’s MUGA. It’s like a recreation centre but open to everyone and simple to plunk into your space. The perfect solution for an active community.

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Designed with vandal-proof materials and display screens, integrated tech and trainer-led fitness programs that are easily accessible via QR codes and touch screens - every community member can get an indoor gym experience in the park! How progressive is that?

#ParkEquity #FitnessForAll

Attract community members and take your amenities to the next level:

  • Community Parks
  • Urban Spaces
  • Recreation Facilities
  • Schools & Early Learning Centres
  • Housing Developments
  • Senior Facilities

Active Aging

Our aging populations are some of the biggest users of our park spaces. It's where they can find a place to get active, meet up with friends, and make new ones. As important as playgrounds, all parks that are truly equitable in their intention should provide exciting opportunities for those who are looking to age happily, and actively. KOMPAN offers a wide range of solutions for seniors--backed by research and designed by the innovators at the KOMPAN fitness institute.