The demand for public park spaces is higher than ever. Why? Because parks play an important part in a community's collective social, mental, and physical wellbeing. No decade more than this one has proven that improved park spaces are an integral part of our future. Parks are a place to connect, a place to unwind, a place to be active, a place to see diversity in action, and a place to find joy. Let's build some amazing parks!

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Parks + Environment

Parks vs. climate change It’s true, parks have a big impact on our environment. Not only do they become places for our local biomes to flourish, but they can also have an impact on the surrounding climate. One acre of trees absorbs the carbon dioxide produced by driving a car 17,700 km. – National Parks […]

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Parks + Economy

Parks Make a Difference What can public parks do for your local economy? Parks provide jobs for residents, boosting local employment rates. Businesses located near parks see a boost in traffic. Residential properties located close to parks see increased values. Parks create a draw for the community, stimulating tourism, attracting new residents, and encouraging new […]

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Parks + Movement

Get Active! People who have more access to green environments, such as parks and trails, tend to walk and be more physically active than those with limited access. The closer people live to a park and the safer they feel in the park, the more likely they are to walk or bike to those places […]

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Parks + Wellness

Parks Make Us Better The studies are endless, green spaces have a positive effect on our mood and overall wellbeing. No matter your age, background or ability, you will experience lower levels of stress, a reduction in blood pressure, improved mood and self-esteem, increased social interactions, and a higher level of activity. Health benefits associated […]

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Calling All Designers!

Kompan Design Studio

Unleash your imagination - anything is possible!

Sometimes placemaking calls for something completely bespoke, innovative and spectacular. A unique landmark that brings the space to life unlike anything else could. Cue the KOMPAN Design Studio, an amazing team of leading design experts that create custom play masterpieces, all day, every day.