KDS – The Owl

Kompan Owl

Project: The Owl Playground
Space: Community Park
Location: Central Park, Prague, Czech Republic

The Playful Owl of Prague

There's nothing like the Owl - actually, it's true! It's a completely custom play structure by the genius' at the Kompan Design Studio! Featuring climbing walls, peepholes, nooks, crannies, ladders, ropes and slides, all within a creative owl design - you can practically hear it hoot with glee. Oh wait, maybe that's just the kids who get to play on this out-of-this-world creation.

With multple ways to reach the top and different areas to explore in, around, up and down, this Owl is 360 degrees of creative, immersive, hands-on play.

Oh Kompan, there really isn't anything you can't do.

Product Line: KOMPAN Design Studio


  • Custom owl play structure
  • Strong, durable Robinia construction
  • Wingspan of 36' > also doubles as climbing wall 🙂
  • Multi-level play
  • Peeper peepholes (because they're the Owl's peepers hehe)
  • 360 degree play experiences
  • Ladders, ropes and slides


COME PLAY - Hoot Hoot!