Nature Play at Recess


PROJECT: Holy Trinity Catholic School

SPACE: School


Natural play elements should encourage organic, free-range play, and that’s exactly what the playground at Holy Trinity Catholic School does. Built with Robinia wood, known for being one of the strongest and durable wood materials, the play space invites freedom to choose your own adventure and style of play, which can look different to each individual, at any age, and any ability level.

A pile of logs, appearing to be randomly scattered, act like balance beams or places to hide beneath and find shelter. The agility course, with spider-web inspired netting sparks creative play for those looking to weave their own web, or an obstacle for the adventurer. Spinners… well, spinners are just the best and we think every park should have one. This one constructed out of Robina feature a big flat surface made for one or if you’re looking to kick it up a notch, why not try two?

Nature play is pretty cool! And Robinia is pretty tough. We’re excited that Holy Trinity will have a play space for years to come that will encourage kiddos to play just as nature intended, FREE!

Product Line: Playgrounds


  • Nature play
  • Crawling Pyramid (scattered logs)
  • Double Web Climber