Outdoor Gym + Playground


PROJECT: Watermark Park

SPACE: Outdoor Fitness Area + Playground

LOCATION: Lethbridge, AB

Get the whole family outside and active! Lethbridge’s Watermark Park has healthy communities and total family fitness front of mind with this amazing, active outdoor space. Sitting adjacent to a school, amidst sports fields and basketball courts, the space features a leading outdoor gym space with equipment designed by the Kompan Fitness Institute, the global leader in outdoor fitness spaces and a stunning playground with rope climbing and bouldering elements.


Designed to bring all the elements of on indoor workout to an open-air space, the outdoor gym features magnetic kettle bells, suspension training options for all heights and abilities, push up bars, steps, and core twisting for full body training. A real game changer in the outdoor gym category is the stationary bike with integrated touch screen, an adjustable and interactive piece of cardio equipment which is the same quality and as equally effective as what you expect in equipment at an indoor fitness centre.

Unique to the Kompan Outdoor Fitness line, all gym equipment links to an integrated app where you can watch training videos and get access to fitness expert advice. Free gym and personal trainer! Yes! Lethbridge has it all figured out.


Workouts for kids look a little different. Workouts for kids look like climbing nets, spinners and bouldering walls (or in this case, bouldering BLOCQX by Kompan). This innovative park space let’s little ones get their fitness on with playful elements that encourage growing bodies to climb, swing, push, stretch, and conquer the feat in front of them. Starring Kompan’s innovative BLOCQX climbing system, and the Regulus GXY939, a climbing structure with integrated rope, seats and perches, this playground will keep kids active for hours.

The question is… who’s getting a better workout, the parents, or the kids? We wish all parks were like Watermark.

Product Line: Outdoor Fitness + Playground Equipment


  • Outdoor fitness fun for adults and kids
  • QR Code accessible fitness plans
  • Durable and vandal resistant