Sun Valley, MB


Nature Playground and Outdoor School space

SEGMENT:  School and Municipal space

LOCATION: Sun Valley Community, Winnipeg, MB


Let me tell you a story about One Little Tree….

This is an incredible story of multiple groups coming together to collaborate on a joined space to create a playground and outdoor classroom designed to stimulate curious minds. But there was a catch, and that was to maintain one little tree.

This exciting project came together by a unified effort of fundraising, awareness and work from our friends Maura Champagne, Ian Macdonald at the City of Winnipeg, Sun Valley School, Praire Rubber Paving and GeeTee Holdings.  To celebrate the finale of this project, the children from all grades (Sun Valley School) worked together to create a book with a series of poems and collages called One little Tree.  Full of inspiring stories about sharing, gratitude, and collaboration.

All of the playground equipment was supplied by Kompan and was designed in collaboration with the City of Winnipeg and Sun Valley School.


  • Adventurous somersault bars made for the daring to spin with their friends
  • Built for risk and thrill-seekers the interconnected play pieces are tied together with a central crawling pyramid
  • Diverse play experiences include a Tight Rope Bridge, Balance Beams, and Stilts - great for kids with brave, inquisitive minds.

The possibilities are endless with this adventure playground & outdoor classroom space!