Parks + Environment

Parks vs. climate change

It’s true, parks have a big impact on our environment. Not only do they become places for our local biomes to flourish, but they can also have an impact on the surrounding climate.

  • One acre of trees absorbs the carbon dioxide produced by driving a car 17,700 km.

- National Parks & Recreation Association, #PowerOfParks

  • Park spaces reduce the severity of urban heat islands, an effect of climate change that traps extreme heat in dense urban areas.

- Climate Central, Report: Hot Zones: Urban Heat Islands

  • If you’re thinking about building a park space, consider the positive impact your project will have on the climate. Neighborhoods in a highly developed city can experience mid-afternoon temperatures that are 15°F to 20°F hotter than nearby tree-lined communities or rural areas with fewer people and buildings.

            - Climate Central, Report: Hot Zones: Urban Heat Islands

Green spaces are one of the ways we can help fight climate change and our public parks should get more recognition in this effort.

Parks for the win!

temperature profiles showing heat islands and related land use