BC’s First Smart Toilet

Self-cleaning public washroom in Valemount, BC!

PROJECT: Centennial Park
SPACE: Community Park
LOCATION: Valemount, BC

This forward-thinking mountain town is leading the way in smarter, safer public toilet facilities to offer a better experience for parkgoers, tourists and those travelling through town.

Built with public safety and resource management in mind, the new washroom facility boasts automatic water and sanitation features that control water consumption and disinfect the space between uses. These features limit the risk of contamination while also reducing operating and maintenance costs. Open to the public year-round, the new washrooms are centrally located and wheelchair accessible.

In addition to advanced function and technology in comparison with traditional public washroom facilities, the Canadian-made washrooms by Quebec company Urben Blu are built for extreme weather and follow the guidelines of the OCP, mountain community style with steep roof, rock base and natural colors. The facility features vandal resistant materials and construction both inside and out with a modern and enhanced programmable safety features ensuring a robust amenity for years to come.

“The COVID-19 pandemic show[ed] the importance of having automated, self-cleaning public toilets with easy access to serve residents as well as travelers who utilize our parks and recreation facilities and outdoor spaces” says Mayor Owen Torgerson.   

Smart toilets are a perfect solution to this town's year-round need for accessible, safe, and clean public washroom facilities.


  • Automated, programmable cleaning and sanitization
  • Antimicrobial and antiviral finishings
  • Programmable operating hours
  • Occupancy detection and alerts
  • Sustainable utility and consumable management
  • Vandal resistant materials and design
  • Universal access - ADA compliant design