A memorial designed to bring joy and connection to the community of Langford, BC.

LOCATION: Langford, BC

PROJECT: Playground | Municipal Park


  • Inclusive design for all ages and abilities
  • Strong community connection
  • Dynamic play experiences

Sarah Beckett Memorial Playground is a vibrant community play space intended to bring joy to a community out of tragedy. In 2016 Sarah Beckett, an RCMP officer and mother, lost her life in the line of duty. To continue her legacy as a mother, and dedicated community servant, Langford community members, family and friends, and surrounding communities raised funds to make this amazing project reality.

The inclusive design of the playground is inviting for families of all ages and abilities, from young tots looking for creative and imaginative play experiences, and adventurers who race to the play space to climb, slide, spin and swing. KOMPAN’s tiny, two-story playhouse and dynamic Explorer Dome become hubs of activity for kids looking to get lost in play for hours. With attention to every detail, the playground features integrated poured-in-place rubber surfacing throughout, allowing people with mobility concerns to easily navigate this exciting, significant community space.

“Her memory will live on in the laugher of children playing here,” says Inspector Todd Preston, the officer in charge of West Shore RCMP.