Waterplay: Splashy Small Creatures

Toddlers engage with play in an entirely different way that’s unique to their life experiences and developing abilities – that means they need play features with specific requirements that facilitate their needs. Let’s take a quick deep dive into our new Toddler Creatures and inclusivity.

✔ Bright and inviting colours
✔ Friendly aesthetic  
✔ Gentle and predictable water effects
✔ Accessible size and height
✔ Engaging play experience

To see how awesome these new features are, you really just need to watch a toddler play with them (no, seriously!). These toddler-sized creatures spark curiosity and build confidence in your littlest guests.

Colourful and inviting designs encourage Toddlers to investigate our creatures on the splash pad. They begin playing with our creatures by watching the different water effects and how they flow. The consistency of the water effects helps them become comfortable enough to engage with the water, usually by running their hands through. Enjoying the gentle flows, they gain even more confidence with this feature and start exploring new ways to play – grabbing onto the creature, spinning it and watching how the water reacts.

Varying heights allow toddlers to gain confidence with small creatures first then move to taller creatures once they’re ready (restarting the Cycle of Curiosity with a whole new feature!). Allowing them to build confidence AND play on their own terms at their own pace. #AWESOME

Varying heights also makes it easy-peasy for you to transition into different splash pad zones like Discovery or Exploration… which we won’t get into in this blog but our experts would love to tell you more!

So take a look around your splash pad and think of your littlest guests – do you have a place for them? And we mean really have a place for them?

Chances are, you’re in need of a creature or two – so let’s talk!