Innovative Anchoring System

Playground installation made easier, speedier, and more affordable.

Jambette’s Stringer System reimagines traditional installation with an anchoring system designed to eliminate the need for poured concrete, on-site welding, and extensive excavation. Your installation window just got a whole lot longer. AND your playground budget just got a whole lot more flexible!


The Jambette Stringer System is approved by independent engineers and used by over 1800 municipalities and schools across Canada. Working with your installation team, simply dig 14" deep, assemble the weight bearing anchoring system, and cover with your preferred surfacing.


  • Lengthens installation window: install anytime you are able to dig 14" unto the ground
  • Removes need for deep excavation, onsite work and installation materials
  • Makes future refurbishments easier: move and and reposition the play elements easily after installation

We love it when smart manufacturers solve problems and make our lives easier.