Urben Blu: Smart Public Toilets

The Smartest Washroom You’ll Ever Meet

If public toilets were given IQs, this one would be genius level! This “outdoor loo” comes ready-to-install and complete with brainy extras that reduce your cost of ownership and keep your community safe. All we’re seeing are wins!

Vandal Proof:

  • Strong, durable materials
  • anti-graffiti protection

Automated and Programmable System:

  • Operating hours
  • After-hours presence detection
  • Cleaning cycles (yes, it cleans itself!)
  • Occupancy time
  • Water
  • Consumables volume
  • Heating and lighting

Environment-friendly – Engineered for Efficiency:

  • Electricity,
  • Water and
  • Toiletry consumption

Now that’s an intelligent toilet! Oh yeah, did we mention it’s got universal access as well as enhanced antimicrobial and antiviral properties too? Urben Blu is making us feel like we need to take some self-improvement courses.