Watermark Park, AB

Three Children Climbing the Galaxy Climber

Location: Watermark Park, Lethbridge, Alberta

Project Type: Community Park


  • Inclusive and diverse activities designed for all ages and abilities.
  • KOMPAN Outdoor Fitness Equipment.
  • KOMPAN Play Systems: GALAXY™ and BLOQX™.
  • Wheelchair-accessible surfacing in accessible play and fitness zones.
  • Promotes health, fitness, and community connections.

Watermark Park in Lethbridge, Alberta lies at the heart of a growing community, situated in the perfect location next to Senator Joyce Fairbairn Middle School. This park is jam-packed with exciting outdoor activities for individuals of all ages and abilities, making it the perfect spot for family fun. From KOMPAN outdoor fitness equipment and play systems to sports fields, a skateboard plaza, and an outrageously fun BMX pump track, there is something for everyone. 

Installed in the summer of 2018, Caliber Landscaping collaborated with Parkworks to bring life to this extraordinary space that had so much potential. With the goal of creating a playground that could incorporate physical activity for the whole family, Parkworks expert playground designers drew from years of industry knowledge to help provide a state-of-the-art solution that checked all the boxes. 

The Challenge

As a community consisting of active families, there was an essential need to create an easily accessible park environment that could accommodate diverse interests. It is not always easy to design a space that incorporates elements that both kids and adults can enjoy simultaneously, but that was the vision for this project from the very beginning.   

The client's primary objective was to design an inclusive and safe space that would not only promote health and fitness within their community but also invite individuals of all ages and abilities to come together and enjoy the park. The focus was to create an exhilarating fitness and play space that adults could enjoy alongside children.  

This project would not only bring new, thrilling activities to the area but also transform the space into a vibrant community hub, bustling with people and encouraging meaningful connections among residents within the neighborhood.  

The Solution

2D - Watermark Park

Developing the perfect solution for this space required a thorough understanding of the client’s needs and those of the community, combined with extensive product knowledge to align with the intended park design and allocated budget. Recognizing the importance of integrating a fitness component alongside a more traditional play space, Parkworks incorporated KOMPAN outdoor fitness equipment, as well as GALAXY™ and BLOQX™ play systems into the design, resulting in a dynamic, inclusive, and accessible solution for all.  

Parkworks partners with the world’s top manufacturers, ensuring that clients receive cutting edge products produced with high-quality materials and industry-leading safety standards. Recognizing their commitment to excellence, Parkworks experts identified KOMPAN outdoor fitness equipment as the ideal choice to enhance Watermark Park. The materials are not only durable and designed to withstand all weather conditions but also offer users the opportunity to workout in the fresh air, which provides additional health benefits and enjoyment.  

The Implementation

Throughout the project's installation phase, a dedicated team of experienced Parkworks project managers worked closely with the client, providing continuous support every step of the way. Leveraging their extensive knowledge, the team effectively managed the equipment supply and conducted on-site supervision of the installation process, ensuring a smooth delivery within the project timeline.  

The completed space not only captured the client’s vision but exceeded expectations, blending seamlessly with the surrounding landscape and other recreational areas. The KOMPAN fitness equipment was strategically centered between both the GALAXY™ and BLOQX™ play systems to add additional play value to the area, allowing children to move freely between the three sections and join the adults on the fitness equipment as they pass through. Additionally, Percussion Play outdoor instruments were installed next to this space, providing an extra element of play and interaction for kids. 

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Outdoor fitness equipment

Moving workout spaces outdoors to promote physical activity in the fresh air just makes sense. With outdoor gym solutions gaining popularity, incorporating one into Watermark Park was the perfect choice for its active community. 

The space was designed as a fully equipped cross-training setup, featuring KOMPAN’s Suspension Trainer Pro, Magnetic Bells Pro, Core Twist Pro, Push Up Bars, Steps (20cm, 40cm, and 60cm), and a Fitness Bike with integrated touch screen, allowing parkgoers to navigate around and complete a full-body workout in no time. 

Exclusive to the KOMPAN outdoor fitness line, all gym equipment connects to an integrated app, offering training videos and expert fitness advice. Users simply download the app and scan the QR code on the equipment to access "How To" videos and guided workout sessions.  

  • BLOQX™

    These geometrically shaped KOMPAN play systems are perfect for older children looking to challenge themselves at the playground. The BLOQX 3 was selected for Watermark Park as it provides a safe option for kids to explore climbing at different levels. With its extremely fun shape and professional climbing grips, seizing the opportunity to make it to the very top is simply irresistible.

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    This futuristic-looking line of KOMPAN play equipment is ideal for any park space, and, most importantly, it is accessible to individuals of all abilities. The vibrantly colourful Regulus jungle gym was chosen to stand tall at Watermark Park, offering children in the community the opportunity to enhance their climbing and balancing skills while enjoying the many play features this product includes.

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This outdoor space truly offers something for all, inviting both adults and children of all ages and abilities to come together, create connections, and enjoy the exhilarating equipment. 

The Outcome


With the support of Parkworks and its partners, Watermark Park opened to the public in the summer of 2018, positively impacting how residents of this community experience outdoor fun and physical activity. 

The impact on the community has been incredible. “What we were really hoping for was to be able to create a space where lots of people — young, old, all different abilities — would be able to come, be together, and gather here in the park, and we've really achieved that,” said Abby Slovack, General Manager of Opportunity Lethbridge. “We've got moms and dads here working out on the fitness equipment while kids are climbing on the rocks and playing on the play equipment. We have lots of people here all the time. This park is hopping and busy, and I think we've created a really great environment.”  

The decision to build next to Senator Joyce Fairbairn Middle School only added value to this growing Lethbridge neighborhood, providing students and their families with convenient access to recreational facilities. The location not only enhances the daily lives of residents but also creates a strong sense of community, making Watermark Park a central spot for social and physical activities. 

Looking to create a fun, inclusive, and active park space for your community? Let our team of experts guide you every step of the way! At Parkworks, we specialize in transforming spaces into thriving community hubs. Contact us today to start building the park of your dreams!