Waterplay + Equitable Play

Water Invites Joy for All

Splash pads are unique in the play world because they're naturally inclusive. With wheelchair accessible, flat, barrier-free concrete surfacing, flush-to-grade playable fountains, and freestanding features spaced to allow for surrounding play--it's easy for everyone to get involved.

Waterplay is a play manufacturer that understands the importance of zero-depth water experiences when it comes to diversity, play equity and inclusion. Using the Seven Principals of Universal Design methodology as a guiding light in product design, along with a tenacious directive throughout the product development process that, above all, play should be free and unstructured for all participants, regardless of age, ability or background.

Water + Diverse-abilities

Water is a powerful medium, it has the ability to calm, inspire, sooth and invigorate. Waterplay ensures that all sensory needs are recognized in their wide range of products to aid inclusion. With gentle misting sprays, bubbling textures, soothing laminar flow and even gentle streams of running water--there's something for every unique, and diverse-abled waterplayer.

Accessible Play Elements

We're all different. With play products that consider varying heights and boundaries to accessibility, Waterplay ensures that play elements are accessible for all, on every product design. Reach, quality of play experience and opportunity are non-negotiables for our product design team.

Play Styles 

Waterplay considers play styles over age groups. Developing minds and bodies need freedom to test their abilities without the limits that society imposes on them. Waterplay creates play features to accommodate styles of play vs. the traits and characteristics that we impose on different age groups in childhood.

  1. Development: with gentle water effects for reduced stimulation, these play features are sized lower to the ground for an added feeling of security, and easy interaction and engagement.
  2. Discovery: for thinkers and tinkerers, these play elements are more complex and facilitate deeper, engaging cognitive play with increased opportunity for investigative inquiry and flexible thinking.
  3. Exploration: these play elements are universal and fun for just about everyone. With tons of dynamic water effects, movement and opportunity for collaboration and interactive play, Exploration play features are the social butterfly of the splash pad.
  4. Adventure: Big water effects and continuous action energize the senses and create excitement. Adventure-styled play features are fast-paced and encourage quick thinking.