Let them climb! You won’t believe the heights they’ll reach.

  • Play Towers & Sky Nets

    Play Towers offer amazing climbing challenges for your playground and the greatest variety in approaches to get to the top! Being high above the ground is its own attraction.

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  • Domes, Arches and Loops

    These sculptures draw everyone’s attention with their vibrant and bright colours, as they form a flow through the landscape, park or city. A unique combination of versatile play activities within a small footprint.

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  • Frame Nets

    These structures unfold a three-dimensional rope environment, in which a child can move freely in all directions. Furthermore, its compact design is an advantage under limited site conditions.

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  • Suspension Bridges

    Suspension bridges should not be omitted from any playground! It’s not just about the excitement of the height, but it’s also about getting there; daring to step on the ropes while seeing the ground through the holes!

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  • Agility Nets

    Get moving! No other playground equipment offers as many different opportunities to move and think as Climbing Agility Nets.

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  • Early Climbing

    Fun climbing experiences for the little ones.

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